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1) Relationship Currency

The most valuable currency I trade in is RELATIONSHIP. To most, this is considered an “old school” way of thinking. We now live in a world where millions of options are at your fingertips via your mobile device, products have morphed into brands, and salespeople have turned into marketers.

The issue with approaching Sales through a marketer’s means is that you often lose the opportunity to build true, lasting relationship currency with your customer. Instead of focusing on the pricing of the product/services, your priority MUST be centered on interactions and trust-building with your customers.

Relationship Currency establishes the equity…

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Obstacles, headaches, and hurdles are all expected realities in the the day-to-day life of a Sales Rep. Whether Customer Service dropped the ball on an important order, a key manufacturer has a production delay, or it’s just 8am traffic causing you to be late for that big meeting, a GOOD Sales Reps always finds a way to be resilient in the face of problems. Today we find ourselves faced with a new reality that none of us were prepared for.

COVID-19 has removed the ability to get physical face-to-face time with your customers at their office or location. This is…

When I found out that our first child was going to be a girl, I truthfully was heartbroken. My mind was convinced up until that point that I was going to have a boy. I had already decided on his name, planned his sports calendar (laid out by age/season), and unbeknownst to his mother, already had been buying clothes :-).

Looking back now, I believe it was simply the thought of raising a girl in today’s world that absolutely terrified me. Then she was born.

It’s agonizing to be unable to describe in words how much I adore and love…

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The thought of entering a new market can be daunting!

You are starting from scratch while going up against brands and businesses who already have an established footprint in the marketplace. Having a vision you desire to achieve is one thing. The process to execute that vision is a journey that will terrify most.

While no doubt challenging, there are some distinct opportunities you have that can be used as an enormous advantage over your competition when you’re first starting out.

My view is that there is no such thing as a disadvantage, simply an opportunity that hasn’t been leveraged…

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The two greatest pieces of advice ever given to me:

“Life is all about relationships, never forget it.” — My father

“The most selfish thing I do every day is serve other people” — A recovering addict

“It’s all about who you know” is one of the most overly used and misinformed statements ever made. In today’s world, knowing someone simply isn’t enough. Whether in life, love, or business; authentic relationship is often the key to unlock the doors we desire to walk through.

The level at which we serve, empower, connect, and create value for others determines our capacity…

Brad Augustine

Christ Follower. Sales Assassin. Consulting Guru. Terrible Golfer

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